'Full Circle' Collection

On the 100-year-old farmstead where I reside in Otterburne, MB you’ll find countless discarded items such as rusted tin cans and antique sheet metal.
For the past six years my work has consisted of items that are no longer of use, in order to clean up the land while raising environmental awareness. Canning rings are no exception, as after a few years they are inefficient.
Like a true homesteader, I’ve been canning and preserving ever since I was taught by my matriarchs. Instead of heading to the landfill, I’ve created a series of mini-paintings using recycled antique tin and various canning rings. Inspired by the patina of the tin, you’ll find animals from across Manitoba. These works represent the rich Treaty land on which the tin was found, and how animals have needed to adapt to their ever-changing environment due to pollution and the exhaustion of natural resources.