Welcome to Fat Daug! Bienvenue! Boozhoo!

Fat Daug all began in 2015. A few years before my Dad, Larry, had made me a pair of moose antler earrings. The fact that he had kept the antlers for 38 years was the catalyst to our passion for carving with this medium.

Yes, that's me, at the age of three! 

We've received many antler donations as a result of starting Fat Daug. Our culture is humble and simple. Without wasting any part of the animal, it allows me to to feel good about what I do. I believe I've found my calling as an antler carving artist.

I've always been creative and most comfortable working with my hands and getting them dirty. Carving has allowed me to learn more about myself and our Métis heritage. 

I absolutely love what I do. It is my true passion and I hope my work reflects this.

Yours in friendship,

Candace and Pops